food security in India mission and programes

food is basic necessity of every individual, for growth, development and sustainance of individual. for providing food to every individual food security is important concept. for providing food to every individual person food security in india ensures that all citizens have consistent access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food for an active and healthy life.

food security in india


for this government has initiated serveral schemes and plans from time to time, first we should understand what is food security and why do we need food security.

what is food security

food security means availability accessability and affordability of food to every person all the time.

dimensions of food security

there are three dimensions of food security according to ncert

there are following dimensions of food security

  • availabilty - means agricultural production, importing food and storage of food for emergency situations
  • accessability - acces of food to every person without any discrimination and not available out of reach, for this public distribution system (pds) plays important role in distribution of food.
  • affordability - affordable to every individual. example like antyoday yojna providing food 2 rupees per kg of wheat and 3 rs per kg of rice.

according to world food summit 1996 held in rome following dimensions of food security

physical availabilty of food

economic and physical access to food

food utilizatin


food safety

preparing and storing of food in a way to provide best quality of food acceptable for human consumption is called food safety.

providing food without any physical, chemical and biological hazard.

food security act 2013 provides secure distrubution and safe food without any adulteration and contamination

food adulteration - process in which quality of food is reduced or lowered either by addition of inferior quality material or by extracting of valuable ingredients or contents.

food contamination means addition of harmful toxic substances in food.

current framework of food security in India

constitution provision - article 21 provides right to life and also adds right to food and other basic necessities needs for survival.

Buffer stock for food security

storage of food for future emergency situations and for distributing food to states, food corporation of india has responsibility of procuring food at minimum support price msp through farmers.

food corporation of India

food corporation of india is a statutory body established by food corporation act 1964 on the date 14 january 1965 headquartered in New Delhi.

works of food corporation of India

food corporation of india buys food from farmers at MSP and provide to states at central issued price and states provide the food to pds or fair price shops.

minimum support price MSP

started in the year 1966, to buy food grains from farmers at minimim support price, it is 1.5 times of the cost of production where cost of production is based on c2+A2 model suggested by swaminathan committee. currently 22 crops are included under minimum support price and sugarcane is included in frp( fair and renumerative price)

msp decided by CACP commision of agrivultural cost and price. cacp was constituted on 1 january 1965.

public distribution system

food grains and other important comodities distributed through PDS these are

rice wheat, coarse grains, sugar, kerosene oil. state can also provide other things like pulses, spices etc.

every person can buy these things from pds for this different types of food security are issued by government, to categorize the needs of people like APL, BPL Antyoday cards and white cards.

targeted public distribution system scheme started in 1997 for functioning of pds included in concurrent list subjects

Centre functions in pds

  • procurement of food grains
  • storage
  • transportation
  • allocation
  • centre issue price

state functions in pds

  • identification of beneficiaries
  • selection of dealers
  • issuing new licences
  • parameters determination
  • quantum determination allocation

other schemes related to food security in India

revamped public distribution system - june 1992

antyoday anna yojna started in 2002

national food security mission 2007

one nation one ration card - 9 august 2019

national food security act 2013

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