Modern History of Madhya Pradesh MP GK for MPPSC

In the Modern History of MP, several events happed in Madhya Pradesh State related to the freedom struggle of India. In this article, you know about the and contribution of MP in the freedom struggle

Modern History of MP 

Mughal rule in MP

Emperor Akbar ruled from 1556 to 1605. He brought most of M.P. under the Mughal rule. After the Mughals, Marathas began to expand their empire. Aurangzeb died in 1707.

The Marathas in MP

Between 1720 to 1760 Maharathas controlled most of Madhya Pradesh and established semi-autonomous states under the nominal control of Maratha Peshwa, Holkars of Indore, Bhosle of Nadpur ruled from Gondwana to Mahakaushal.

Pawar's ruled Dhar and Dewas and Scindia ruled the northern part of the state.

Bhopal was ruled by the Muslim dynasty.

After 3rd battle of Panipat between Marathas and Afghan ruler Ahmed Shah Abdali. Britishers took advantage and expand their empire.

British rule in M.P.

After the 3rd Anglo Maharatha war British supremacy emerged most of M.P. came under British influence (Indore Bhopal Rewa and other small regions, Mahakaushal region Sagar and Neguda territory became British princely state.

In 1936 Mahakaushal and Nagpur were named as central province and Berar with 1st capital at Nagpur.

Contribution of Madhya Pradesh in Freedom Movement

Bundela revolt in MP took place in 1842 before the revolt of 1857 by Bundelas. This revolt was led by Jawahar Singh Bundela.

Madhya Pradesh contributed to the freedom movement of India during the revolt of 1857 led by leaders like Tatya tope, Nana Saheb, Bhima Nayak. And several movements took place in MP for freedom of India such as Jungle Satyagraha, Jhanda Satyagraha, etc.

1857 revolt in Madhya Pradesh

Freedom fighters of Madhya Pradesh during the revolt of 1857 play a hugely significant role during the first struggle.

The revolt of 1857 in M.P. led by leaders (freedom fighters of MP during 1857 revolt)

  • Jawahar Singh Bundela - Chattarpur Sagar
  • Tatya Tope and Nana saheb spread the message of nationalism across the cities like Gwalior, Mhow, Mandsaur, etc.
  • Shadat Khan - laid the revolt at Mhow
  • Rao Bakhtiyar Singh - Amjhera  dhar 
  • Bhima Nayak - Sendhwa Barum
  • Rani Avanti Bai - Ramgarh Mandla 
  • Girdhari Bai was her extended support.
  • Rani LaxmiBai - Jhasi Jhalkari Bai was her Extended support.
After 1857 freedom fighters of MP 
  • Chandra Shekhar Azad was aggressively armed.
  • Vinobha Bhave from Jabalpur was Individual Satyagrahi in 1940

Nationalist Movements in MP

Several movements took place in Madhya Pradesh for the freedom struggle of India from British rule. Madhya Pradesh State has several princely states during British rule and the major area of MP was under the control of Britishers.

Jhanda Satyagraha

Jhanda Satyagraha carried out from Jabalpur in 1923. Jhanda Satyagraha started for the respect of the National flag. The nationalist protestors demanding the right to hoist the flag caused an outcry across India especially as Gandhiji had recently been arrested.

Jungle Satyagraha

Jungle Satyagraha started in 1930 spread to districts like Jabalpur, Seoni, Betul. Leaders who participated in Jungle satyagraha are Seth Govind das, Durga Shankar Mehta, Gangan Singh Korku. This results in the participation of tribals in the freedom movement.

Salt Satyagraha in MP started on 6 April 1930. from Jabalpur. Durga Shankar Mehta broke salt law at Gandhi Chok and started the Satyagraha protest.

Charan Paduka Massacre

Started on 17 January 1931 from Chattarpur. This movement is also known as the Jallianbala Bagh massacre of M.P. This movement against the Britishers plays a huge effect on the Indian freedom struggle. After this movement Indians were aggressive against the princely rule.

Quit India Movement in MP

Quit India movement of Madhya Pradesh started in 1942 from Gwalior and spreads to Vidisha. After this movement Britishers will no longer stay in India. The main objective of this movement was to quit Britishers and free India from British rule and make India a free democratic country.

Freedom Fighters of MP after 1900

Chandra Shekhar Azad was rebellion armed
Vinobha Bhave from Jabalpur was Individual Satyagrahi.

MP after Independence

In 1956 the State of Madhya Bharat, Vindhya Bharat and Bhopal were merged to form MP.

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