Total Ramsar Sites in India Upsc, Mppsc

Ramsar sites in India for UPSC, Mppsc, SSC, bank exams. Here we provide a list of Ramsar Sites with locations in India, The states in which Ramsar sites are located in India. We will update this list as new sites will add. Currently, this is an updated list of Ramsar sites in India. This includes location and date in inclusion.

What are Ramsar sites?

Ramsar sites are the wetland areas protected under the Ramsar convention. It protects the ecological balance of the earth.

Ramsar convention was made to protect wetlands all over the world. It is an international treaty signed to protect wetlands for sustainable use. It is named after the city Ramsar in Iran where this convention was signed in 1971

There are 46 Ramsar sites in India currently. The 4 new sites added on 14 August 2021 were announced by PM Modi.

Total Ramsar Sites in India Upsc, Mppsc

Ramsar sites in India list

List of all wetlands with location and date of inclusion in the convention.

  • Asan Conservation Reserve (Uttarakhand) - 21.7.2020
  • Asthamudi Wetland (Kerala) 19.8.2002
  • Beas Conservation Reserve (Punjab) 26.9.2019
  • Bhitarkanika Mangroves (Orissa) 19.8.2002
  • Bhoj Wetlands (Madhya Pradesh) 19.8.2002
  • Chandertal Wetland (Himachal Pradesh) 8.11.2005
  • Chilka Lake (Orissa) 1.10.1981
  • Deepor Beel (Assam) 19.8.2002
  • East Kolkata Wetlands (West Bengal) 19.8.2002
  • Harike Lake (Punjab) 23.3.1990
  • Hokera Wetland (Jammu and Kashmir) 8.11.2005
  • Kabartal Wetland (Bihar) 21.07.2020
  • Kanjli Lake (Punjab) 22.1.2002
  • Keoladeo Ghana NP (Rajasthan) 1.10.1981
  • Keshopur-Miani Community Reserve (Punjab) 26.9.2019
  • Kolleru Lake (Andhra Pradesh) 19.8.2002
  • Loktak Lake (Manipur) 23.3.1990
  • Lonar Lake (Maharashtra) 22.7.2020
  • Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary (Gujarat) 24.09.2012
  • Nandur Madhameshwar (Maharashtra) 21.6.2019
  • Nangal Wildlife Sanctuary (Punjab) 26.9.2019
  • Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary (Uttar Pradesh) 19.9.2019
  • Parvati Agra Bird Sanctuary (Uttar Pradesh) 2.12.2019
  • Point Calimere Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary (Tamil Nadu) 19.8.2002
  • Pong Dam Lake (Himachal Pradesh) 19.8.2002
  • Renuka Wetland Himachal Pradesh 8.11.2005
  • Ropar Lake Punjab 22.1.2002
  • Rudrasagar Lake Tripura 8.11.2005
  • Saman Bird Sanctuary Uttar Pradesh 2.12.2019
  • Samaspur Bird Sanctuary Uttar Pradesh 3.10.2019
  • Sambhar Lake Rajasthan 23.3.1990
  • Sandi Bird Sanctuary Uttar Pradesh 26.9.2019
  • Sarsai Nawar Jheel Uttar Pradesh 19.9.2019
  • Sasthamkotta Lake Kerala 19.8.2002
  • Sunderbans Wetland West Bengal 30.1.2019
  • Surinsar-Mansar Lakes Jammu and Kashmir 8.11.2005
  • Sur Sarovar Uttar Pradesh 21.8.2020
  • Tso Kar Wetland Complex Ladakh 17.11.2020
  • Tsomoriri Lake Jammu and Kashmir 19.8.2002
  • Upper Ganga River(Brijghat to Narora Stretch) Uttar Pradesh 8.11.2005
  • Vembanad Kol Wetland 
  • Kerala 19.8.200
  • Wular Lake 
  • Jammu & Kashmir 23.3.1990

The new sites include Thol and Wadhwana from Gujarat and Sultanpur and Bhindawas from Haryana. On 14th August 2021.

GK updates

Sunderbans wetland is the largest Ramsar site in India with an area of 4230 sq. KM. and Renuka wetland is the smallest in India. Uttarpradesh has 18 wetlands maximum in number. Read full static GK topics

Importance of Ramsar Sites or Wetlands

Wetlands are important for the environment, ecology of watersheds, also provides food materials, fiver, and habitat for animals and plants.

To Maintain ecological balance These wetlands play an important role.

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