Formation and reorganisation of Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh was formed and reorganized in 1956 under the State Reorganization Commission 1953 under the chairmanship of Fazal Ali. In 2000 Chhattisgarh was separated from MP. Before 1956 MP was known as central province.

Division of Madhya Pradesh before 1956

Before independence, Madhya Pradesh was divided into several provinces during British rule. After independence, the state was divided into four parts with different capitals. Madhya Pradesh was divided into three parts - A, B, and C, which include the following states.

1. Central Province and Berar

Including Present Chattisgarh, Mahakaushal, and Vidarbha With the capital at Nagpur. The Chief was Ravishankar Shukla. It was included in Part A. Central province was formed by the British government on 2nd November 1861 and Berar was included in 1936 by the British. There were 14 princely states included in the central province and Berar, Makdai is the only princely state included in the present MP.

2. Madhya Bharat

Also known as central India, Including Gwalior and Indore provinces included in Part B states, With the capital at Indore and Gwalior. Its chief was Shankar Dayal Sharma. State head of Madhya Bharat was Jiwaji Rao Scindia. Madhya Bharat state was formed on 28 May 1948. It includes 22 provinces and has two capitals Gwalior in winter and Indore in summer, Its chief was Lila Dhar Joshi.

princely states included in part B 'Madhya Bharat'

Holkar, Scindhia, Dewas senior and junior, Badwani, Bhumia, Jawra, Piploda, Ratlam, Rajgarh, dhar, Kathiwada, Mathwarm, Sitamau, Mahamadgarh, Alirajpur

3. Vindhya Pradesh

Its capital was Rewa. it includes the. Bundelkhand and Baghelkhand region of MP. in Part C. Its chief was Sambhu Nath Shukla. Vindhya Pradesh was formed on 12 March 1948.

35 Princely states are included in part C Vindhya Pradesh some of these are Rewa, Panna Chatarpur, Orcha, Datia, Bijawar, Maihar, Sarela, Bhaisuda, etc. There were 60 seats in the Vindhya Pradesh legislative assembly, till 1956

4. Bhopal Estate

Bhopal was a separate State. It was also in part C. Bhopal became an Indian state on 1st June 1949, NB Banerjee was appointed its chief commissioner in 1949 till 1950

Madhya Pradesh Reorganisation

On 1st November 1956, Madhya Pradesh was declared a new state, with 8 Divisions and 43 districts Under the recommendations of the Fazal Ali Commission or SRC Commission of 1953.

State Reorganisation Commission 1956

It was formed on 9th December 1953. Its Chief was Fazal Ali, HN Kunjru and Dr KM Panicker were its members.

MP districts and divisions formation

In 1956 there were 43 districts in MP and 8 divisions. But districts and divisions are extended by the MP govt. From time to time.

on 2nd October 1972 district Bhopal and Rajnandgao two new districts were formed, Earlier Bhopal was a tehsil of Sehore on 26 January 1972 Bhopal became the capital of the MP and the Sehore division was renamed as Bhopal.

In 1975, the Sagar division was formed and in 1977, the Ujjain division was formed resulting in 9 divisions in Madhya Pradesh

In 1980, the Chambal division (in MP) and Bastar (currently in Chattisgarh) divisions were formed.

In 1981 Hosangabad was Formed which was renamed as Narmadapuram.

In May 1998 10 New districts were formed by the B.P. Dubey Commission from which 4 districts in present Madhya Pradesh Badwani, Seopur, Dindori, and Katni,

6 districts were formed by recommendations of MM Singhdev Commission in May 1998 of which 3 in Madhya Pradesh Harda, Umaria, and Neemuch i.e. MP had 61 districts and 12 divisions in 1998.

In 2000 Chattisgarh was carved out from Madhya Pradesh

MP in present form after 2000

On 1st November 2000, MP was reorganized and Chhattisgarh was separated, with 45 districts and 9 divisions in M.P. in 2000.

In 2003 three new districts were formed - Burhanpur from Khandwa, Ashoknagar from Guna, and Anooppur from Shahdol.

In 2006 Hosangabad division was renamed as Narmadapuram.

On 17th May 2008, Alirajpur from Jhabua and On 24 May 2008 Singrauli from Sidhi was formed.

On 14th June 2008, the Shahdol division was formed which resulted in 50 districts and 10 divisions.

On 15th August 2013 Agar Malva from Sajapur was formed.

In October 2018 new district Niwadi was formed from Tikamgarh.

In 2023 three new districts Mauganj (13 August 2023), pandura(5 October 2023), and Maihar(5oct 2023) were formed

MP district list with divisions

There are 52 districts and 10 divisions in Madhya Pradesh. Here are all the districts in Madhya Pradesh with divisions.

In Bhopal division

  • Bhopal

  • Sehore

  • Rajgarh 

  • Raisen 

  • Vidisha

Gwalior Division

  • Gwalior
  • Datia
  • Shivpuri
  • Guna
  • Ashoknagar

Sagar Division

  • Sagar 
  • Damoh
  • Panna 
  • Chattarpur
  • Tikamgarh
  • Niwari

Rewa Division

  • Rewa 
  • Satna 
  • Sidhi
  • Singrauli

Shahdol Division

  • Shahdol
  • Umaria 
  • Annoppur


  • Hosagabaad 
  • Harda
  • Betul

Chambal Division

  • Bhind 
  • Morena 
  • Sheopur


  • Ujjain
  • Dewas
  • Shajapur

  • Agar Malva
  • Mandsaur
  • Ratlam
  • Neemuch


  • Indore
  • Dhar 
  • Jahbua 
  • Alirajpur 
  • Barwani
  • Khargone
  • Khandwa
  • Burhanpur


  • Jabalpur
  • Katni
  • Narsinghpur
  • Chhindwara
  • Seoni
  • Balaghat
  • Dindori
  • Mandla

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