Biosphere reserves in India Upsc, MPPSC

List of biosphere reserves in India UPSC, MPPSC, SSC, bank exams. Total biosphere reserves in India map view online. Biosphere reserves location and area.

What are biosphere reserves?

Biosphere reserves are protected by the government and it is an international destination given by UNESCO. These are learning places for sustainable development and management of Biodiversity. Biosphere reserves balance economic and social development.

The program of biosphere reserves ‘Man and Biosphere’ was initiated by UNESCO in 1971. There are 18 biosphere reserves in India.

Structure of Biosphere reserves

Biosphere reserves are divided into three zones

  1. Core areas

It is a strictly protected area that contributes to the conservation of landscapes, species, ecosystems, variation of genetics. It includes National parks and sanctuaries for protection. No human activities are allowed.

  1. Buffer zone

Limited or partial human activities are allowed in this zone. It surrounds the core areas Some activities like scientific research education training are allowed. it includes wildlife sanctuaries in the buffer zone.

  1. Transition zone

It is the outermost part of biosphere reserves humans can live in the transition zone. With some legal activities.

Structure of Biosphere reserves in India

Biosphere reserves in India

The list of 18 Biosphere reserves in India are as follows:

  1. Nilgiri

It is located in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka and its area is Area- 5520 (Core 1240 & Buffer 4280), Included 01.09.1986 in the Biosphere reserve.

  1. Nanda Devi

It is located in Uttrakhand state, and its area is 5860.69 sq. Km.(Core 712.12, Buffer 5,148.570) & T. 546.34) included in 18.01.1988

  1. Nokrek

It is located in Meghalaya state and its area is 820 sq. km.(Core 47.48 & Buffer 227.92, Transition Zone 544.60). Included on 01.09.1988

  1. Great Nicobar

It is located in Andaman and Nicobar its area is 885 sq. km. (Core 705 & Buffer 180) included on 06.01.1989.

  1. Gulf of Mannar

It is located in Tamilnadu its area is 10,500 sq. km Total Gulf area (area of Islands 5.55 sq. km) It is included on 18.02.1989 

  1. Manas

It is located in Assam, Its total area is 2837 (Core area 391 & Buffer 2,446 sq km.) it is included on 14.03.1989

  1. Sunderbans

It is located in West Bengal, and its area is 9630 (Core 1700 & Buffer  7900) Included on 29.03.1989

  1. Simplipal

It is located in Orissa, and its area is 4374 Sq. km.(Core 845, Buffer 2129 & Transition 1400 Included on 21.06.1994

  1. Dibru Saikhowa

It is located in Assam, and Its area is 765 sq. km. (Core 340 & Buffer 425) included on 28.07.1997.

  1. Dihang Dibang

It is located in Arunachal Pradesh, Its area is 5111.50(Core 4094.80 &Buffer 1016.70) it is included on 02.09.1998

  1. Pachmarhi

It is located in Madhya Pradesh its area is 4926 sq. km. It is included on 03.03.1999

  1. Khangchendzonga

It is part of Khangchendzonga hills and Sikkim 2619.92 sq. km. (Core 1819.34 & Buffer 835.92) It is included on 07.02.2000

  1. Agasthyamalai

It is located in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, Its total area is 1828 sq. km. it is included on 12.11.2001

  1. Achanakamar -    Amarkantak

It is located in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, Its total area is 3835.51 (Core 551.55 & Buffer  3283.86), it is included on 30.3.2005.

  1. Kachchh

It is located in Gujarat, Its total area is 12,454 sq. km. included on 29.01.2008.

  1. Cold Desert

It is located in Himachal Pradesh its area is 7770 sq. km. It is Included on 28.08.2009.

  1. Seshachalam Hills

It is located in Andra Pradesh, its area is 4755.997 Sq. KM. is included on 20.09.2010.

  1. Panna

It is part of Panna and chattarpur district in Madhya Pradesh. Its area is 2998.98 sq. km. it is included on 25.08.2011.

Facts related to Biosphere reserves

The Western Nghe An Biosphere Reserve is the largest in Asia.

Biosphere reserves

How many Biosphere Reserves are present in India?

There are 18 Biosphere reserves in India.

Biosphere data are taken from the wildlife institute of India

Which is the first biosphere in India?

Nilgiri Biosphere reserve is the first biosphere reserve in India.

Which is India's largest biosphere reserve?

Kachchh of Gujarat is the largest biosphere reserve in India.

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