population distribution density growth urbanisation in India

According to census of India 2011 the total population of India is 1,21, crores. Indian population is distributed uneven pattern due to close relationship between population and physical, socio economic and historical factors.

Geographical distribution of population in India

North Indian plains, deltas and coastal plains have higher proportion of population than interior districts of southern and central india, himalayan, north eastern and western states. there are physical, socio economic and historical factors responsible for population distribution in India,

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population density in India

population density of indian territory is 382 persons per square km. Hilly states of Himalayan regions have lowest density except assam while union territories have highest density except andaman and nicobar.

Highest population density of states

  • bihar 1102
  • west Bengal
  • Kerala
  • Uttarpradesh
  • Haryana

Union territories with highest population density in India are

  • Delhi
  • chandigarh
  • puduchery
  • daman and diu
  • lakshdweep

Lowest population density in states

  • Arunachal pradesh
  • andaman and nicobar
  • mizoram
  • sikkim
  • Nagaland

states with highest number of population in Numbers

uttarpradesh is most populous state in India having population approx 20 crores and most populated union territory is delhi

sikkim is least populated state and least populated UT is lakshyadweep

states with highest number of population

  • uttarpradesh
  • maharashtra
  • bihar
  • west bengal

states with least number of population

  • sikkim
  • mizoram
  • arunachal pradesh
  • Goa
  • Nagaland

 population composition in India Rural Urban migration

The Rural population in India is 68.8% while urban population is 31.16%.
there are 53 metropolitan cities in India, Having population more than 10 lakhs.
Urbanisation in India
According to census 2011, the growth of urban population is 31.20 percentage. while the highest growth rate of urban population seen in 1981 census.

States with maximum percentage of urban population

Goa 62.2%
Mizoram 52.1%
TamilNadu 48.4%
Kerala 47.7%
Maharashtra 45.2%

Union Territories with Maximum percentage Urban Population

Delhi 97.5%
Chandigarh 97.3%
Lakshdweep 78.1%
Daman and Diu 75.2%

States with maximum number of urban population

Tamil Nadu
West Bengal
Andhra Pradesh

States with minimum number of Urban population

Arunachal Pradesh

In percentage

Himachal Pradesh 10%
Bihar 11.3%
Assam 14.1%

Rural Population in India

States with maximum rural population

  1. uttarpradesh
  2. Bihar
  3. West Bengal

maximum Rural population in percentage

  1. Himachal Pradesh
  2. Bihar
  3. Assam
  4. Odisha
  5. Meghalaya

Increase in rural population maximum in

  1. Meghalaya 27%
  2. bihar 24%

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